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Reader x Natsu: A Twist of Fate -Part 3
Far away, the first thing you heard was the faint chatter of a crowd and the clinging of glasses. The first thing you felt was an icy sting on your forehead, followed by the soft touch of a blanket resting on top of you. You began to rise from the murky darkness of your slumber, but didn't open your eyes.
You started to listen intently to everything around you, and noticed the faint breathing of someone else in the room. You heard their quiet pacing footsteps that pause every few seconds, and start again. The steps continued in their little pattern until the door creaks open, making the steps pause.
"How is she?" you hear a girl say.
"She's still out cold..." a deeper, more comforting voice responds. It sounds worried, but you couldn't tell why in your half-awake state.
More footsteps enter the room, the new pair lighter than the other. Both approach you, and one sits down near your feet. "So she controls shadows, huh?" the girl says.
"Seems like it. I mean, I've never seen a wall of s
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Reader x BTR: Any Kind of Guy - Kendall
“So,” Kendall started as the 5 of you made your way through the lobby and towards the pool, “Speaking of pools, we’re having a mini concert tonight at the pool because Gustavo wants to get our name out there among celebrities. He might want you to perform too, but even if you don’t, I don’t think we’d mind seeing you there.”
“Really? Well, even if Gustavo doesn’t plan on having me perform, I wouldn’t mind getting my name out there too,” you pondered the thought, “As a matter of fact, maybe I’ll perform something with you guys!”
“That would be great!” Carlos exclaimed.
“Yeah! We should all get together before the party tonight and practice a song!” Logan said.
“Okay! What time?” You asked.
“The party starts at 9 so how about 7ish? You can come next door to our place.” Kendall responded as you reach some chairs by the pool.
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Mature content
Reader x Natsu: A Twist of Fate -Part2 :iconxreaderbuddyz:xReaderBuddyz 176 69
Reader x Natsu: A Twist of Fate -Part1
You couldn't believe what you were doing anymore. Ever since the other day, your world has been turned upside down, all thanks to that pink-haired dragon boy.
It had been just another normal day at your guild; you were sitting with one of your "friends," Angelina, playing poker with magic items instead of poker chips. The two of you had developed this strange tradition of playing poker on the first Monday morning of each month, and waging the items that you had acquired during your missions.
Angelina, being the cheater she was, had won yet another celestial magic key off of you. (They were just common-place keys, thankfully.) That's when it all happened. Precy, one of your guild's more "savvy workers," burst through the doors, covered in scratches and bruises, panting like he had never breathed before that moment.
Everyone sat silently staring at him, waiting as he tried to get enough air so he could say something. Finally he managed one word. The one word that always caused mass hyste
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Reader x BTR: Any Kind of Guy - Logan
You five ended up in a major water fight as soon as you hit the pool and after 3 hours of near drowning, you decided you needed to go back to your apartment and get ready for dinner.
"Sorry, Guys," you said as you gathered your things and headed towards the elevator. "We can hang out tomorrow if you want. You know where to find me!"
As you went inside the lobby you could've sworn you heard shouting coming from the pool area that sounded a lot like "She's mine!" and "She will be mine!"
When you and your mom got back from dinner you were reminded of something you never wanted to hear again.
"You should probably go to bed soon, you have school tomorrow."
This was followed by many assortments of protests and arguments until you finally relented to your fate of Palm Woods School. You could only hope it wasn't as bad as normal school.
After a fairly good amount of sleep and a good breakfast prepared by your mom, you headed down to the Palm Woods School, only to be met by the boys of Big Time
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Reader x BTR: Any Kind of Guy - Carlos
"If you splash me, I will kill you." You threatened Carlos when he started to cannonball right next to you.
"What? Don't you like getting wet?" Carlos teased.
"Sure, but not when I get splashed by someone, I like to swim, not be blinded by waves of water," you said sternly.
"Well," Carlos said while backing up from the side of the pool, "That's too bad!" And then he ran full speed towards the pool and canon balled in next to you and the rest of BTR.
"Aack!" you screamed as the water splashed you right in the face. "CARLOS!" You splashed a huge wave of water at his face right as he popped up from the surface.
"Ah!" The water hit him square in the face and he ducked underwater again.
As you searched in the pool you didn't notice Carlos sneaking up behind you with a squirt gun.
"Take this!" Carlos yelled as he got you in the back of the head. You squealed and hid behind James.
"That's it!" You yelled, trying to fake an authoritative voice, "I demand a duel! A duel of which I choose!"
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Reader x BTR: Any Kind of Guy - Intro
As you stepped into your new apartment, dragging your suitcase behind you, you pulled out your cell phone to call your mom. You had just moved to The Palm Woods, apartment 3J, from San Ramon, California. Not very far but still a different place. After auditioning you had been chosen as a new soloist for Rocque Records.
"Hello?" you heard you mom say from the other end of the line.
"Hey mom, it's me, (f/n)," you said, "I just got to our apartment and it looks like there's an awesome pool outside of the lobby. I'm gonna change and go for a swim. By the way, the building manager, his name's Mr. Bitters and OH MY GOD you will HATE him. Like, tackle him over the desk hate him."
"Well, sounds like I'll have fun when I get there," your mom responded with a sarcastic laugh. "Well, have fun at the pool. Be back by 4, I found this restaurant that I want to try out for dinner tonight."
"Okay. Love you," you said.
"Love you too."
You hung up the phone and pulled your suitcase to your new bedroom.
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Reader x Kaito KID: Don't Lose Your Temper -Part 4
“IT’S KAITO KID!” you heard Officer Nakamori shout from the floor above you. You laughed slightly at his frantic voice as he starts to shout order after order.
After hearing much running around and confused shouts, you decided to go up and at least make it look like you were trying to catch Kaito Kid.
As you headed up the staircase, you found smoke rolling eerily down the steps. Finally when you entered the large display room, you could barely see your own hand in front of your face. Many of the officers bumped into you as they ran around franticly, trying to find the thief in white. Although, someone ran into you from behind as you tried to find your way through the maze of smoke. Landing on the cold cement floor (which didn’t help the fact that you still didn’t feel so good from your fall earlier) you rolled over, pushing the man off of you, you had half a mind to yell at him for being an idiot, when you found it wasn’t a man dressed in the police
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Reader x Hatsuharu: Beanstalk - Part 2
It’d been a month since then and no one had even dared to glance at you. This was exceedingly better than them making fun of you. You and Haru had been hanging out in the hallways and whatever chances you got. Haru’s idea was that people wouldn’t mess with you if he was around and he seemed to be right. You become friends fairly quickly and you learned a lot about him. But for the last few days, it seemed that Haru had been avoiding you. Every time you thought you had him cornered, he disappeared somewhere else. It wasn’t until you were walking through the halls after school one day that you saw him again. Or, rather, heard him.
“DAMN IT!” You jumped when you heard the shout followed by a crash. It sounded like it came from one of the classrooms down the hall. You slowly approached the classroom that the noise came from. When you opened the door you saw Haru stomping through the classroom and knocking things over.
“Haru?” You asked quietl
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Reader x Hatsuharu: Beanstalk - Part 1
Contrary to popular belief, people will bully you even if you’re bigger than them. You found this out in your early childhood. Elementary school wasn’t so bad, you were only a little taller than other kids, but that was kind of normal. People grow at different rates. Then Junior High happened.
By your first year in junior high, it was obvious that you weren’t just growing at a different rate; you were growing taller than all the other girls. That’s when people really noticed. The girls laughed at you, and the boys made fun of you. By high school, everyone knew who you were. You were 5’7” while most other girls were around 5’2”. You were just barely shorter than the boys. When you did P.E. it was easy for people to point you out. You were a head taller than all the girls. Eventually it got to the point where boys would corner you in the hall to make fun of you and insult you. And that’s how you met him.
You were just leaving you
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Reader x Kaito KID: Don't Lose Your Temper -Part 3
Feeling a cold sensation on your head, you were finally starting to regain consciousness.
Through the murkiness you heard the voice of a young boy grumbling.
You squint a little as you open your eyes to the boy in the pure white suit. You put your hand to your head, feeling the icy touch of an ice pack.
“Well it’s about time you woke up,” the boy clad in white laughs. “You’re going to make me late!”
“What…” you struggle to sit up, holding the ice pack to your head with one hand. “What happened?”
“You took a nasty fall down a few flights of stairs,” he smirked. “But you’re all fixed up!”
You glance yourself over, seeing your right leg and left wrist wrapped in gauze, along with band-aids covering every inch of skin you had.
“You… saved me…” you whispered. The criminal had saved the cop.
“Well, I apologize to leave you so quickly, but I must hurry or I’ll
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Reader x Kaito KID: Don't Lose Your Temper -Part 2
You sped through the dark hallways, looking around for the famous phantom thief. You followed the little patches of white through the darkness, around corner after corner, through hallway after hallway. As you ran, you entered a pitch black room.
Pausing, your eyes squinted as you looked into the darkness, panting from running so much. Kaito Kid had run in here; you knew he did.
Far ahead, you saw something glint, and you knew for sure that it was Kaito’s monocle. Without a second thought, you shot forward into the darkness, suddenly regaining your energy.
“You’re mi~” you start to shout, but suddenly trip over something. You face slams down hard onto the linoleum floor, sending a shock of pain through you jaw, and out into the rest of your body. You start to try and push yourself up, but find you can’t move. As you struggle, you hear something moving beside you. With a gulp, you look up, seeing the dark outline of a large display case falling right for yo
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Reader x Kaoru: The Speed of Change
“Be careful while you’re in America, okay?” Your mom said, squeezing you harder.
You were standing in front of the enormous security line. You’d already checked your bags and gotten your ticket. But something was still missing.
“(F/n)!” You heard two nearly identical voices yell. You turned around just in time to see the Hitachiin twins crash into you for a hug. You held your ground just enough so that you wouldn’t fall over.
“Okay, you two,” the Hitachiins’ mom began, “Don’t kill the girl before she even gets through security!”  This seemed to help, seeing as the twins let go of you and stood by your sides. Their mom then moved in to give you a soft hug. “Have fun in Seattle, Kiddo.” You hugged her back. Once she let go the twins turned to you.
“Now, (F/n),”Hikaru said in a strict voice, “There are a few rules we’ve made for you that you need to follow while you
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Reader x Kaito KID: Don't Lose Your Temper -Part 1
“Alright! This is your first day on the job, so you better no screw it up!” Officer Nakamori shouted at you, obviously stressed.
Of course, out of any day the famous phantom thief, Kaito Kid, could have chosen to steal a gem, he chose your first day as a member of the task force.
“It took so much to get here, I can’t mess this up!” you grumble to yourself. So much paperwork, training, and even more paperwork you had to do to get to this point. You even had to do extra work to prove yourself worth of the task force, since you were now the only, and literally only, girl on the task force. Not to mention the youngest, at 18 years old.
“Alright everyone!” Nakamori shouted, grabbing your attention, along with everyone else’s. “Tonight, Kid has left us a riddle. We’ve already figured out that he is coming tonight to this museum, but we still don’t know the time, or which jewel that he is planning on stealing! Is anyone willing
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Reader x Yuki: Achluophobia
“Oh! Hello, Yuki!” You say as Yuki walks into the Student Council classroom.
“Hello, Miss (L/n),” He replied with a small, kind smile. “Why are you still here? The meeting ended a half-hour ago.”
“Oh, I was just making sure I got down all the notes from the meeting,” You say while pushing your (h/l) (h/c) hair behind your ear. It was a nervous habit. “I was also checking the transactions to make sure they were correct, since the treasurer wasn’t here. Which brings me to ask, why are you here?”
“Well,” Yuki said blushing, “It seems I forgot my bag here,” he said while pointing at his bag in the front of the room. Yuki walked over and picked up his bag before doing a double take of the classroom to make sure he didn’t miss anything. His eyes landed on the window. “Wow, it got dark very fast.”
You turned your head towards the window. It was nearly pitch black outside! “Oh, jee
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